Arkk Wallet

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Designer: Mike Gordillo

Category: Product Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: The Arkk Wallet was designed to have a slim and minimal design with integrated features such as ease of access, RFID security and aesthetic appeal. It was designed to open with a one-hand left swipe like motion.  It has simple one-way open and close mechanism.

The Arkk Wallet is made from aircraft grade aluminium precision cut with the use of water jet technology. The 1.5mm aluminium plates provide RFID blocking protection against theft.

The unique pivot motion provides quick access to your cards when needed and secures them when not. The front plate features a ultra durable skin that offers the authentic look and feel of wood. It is specifically contoured to shape of your thumb “to fit like a glove”.

It has the capacity to fit your three most essential cards. It is usually your bank/credit card, ID card and other optional card. Although, you can fit other non-essential cards on the outer back plate.

Visit This Concept At Arkk Wallet 


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