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Villa Amanzi

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Overview: This swanky villa has got it goin’ on. Located in Phuket, Thailand, Villa Amanzi combines the best of contemporary design and ultra modern architecture to create a sublime cliffside sanctuary. Built into the granite rock face, Amanzi features panoramic views of the Andaman Sea, an open-plan living area that stretches from the garden entrance to to the infinity pool, and even it’s own mountain stream. This is where modern design meets natural beauty.

Designers: Adrian McCarroll, Waiman Cheung & Jamie Jamieson


Plexus Tower

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Overview: The PleXus Tower emerges from the banks of the West Hong Kong Harbor as a distribution of disjointed structures amidst the neighboring historic ferry terminal. The structure starts out as distributed pods that connect with the city’s transportation fabric. The misfit arrangement of these structural pods is bridged together by pipelines over the water, working in harmony with the existing terminal. Though situated on the water’s edge, residential & commercial spaces are completely accessible by car… all the way to the top!

Located at the water’s edge next to the Macau Ferry Terminal, the tower’s design varies in both its circulation and organization to control the speed at which it receives and negotiates the flow of traffic to optimize movement around and inside the structure.

As you move inward from the receiving pods, the main structure begins to evolve its own function. First is a horizontal parking structure on the lower levels of the main building, which is accessible from the connected highway networks to efficiently receive car traffic. As you move up the main structure, business and shopping space is available, all accessible by car to the highest level of the tower. The upper reaches of the towers are set aside for residential space, high above the noise of the city, providing a living area that incorporates spectacular views of the dynamic city skyline. A heliport on top of the structure can receive air traffic from above.

The solid form on the south side of the main tower receives solar energy during the day, providing power to the building. The skin is breathable with numerous openings designed to overlap each other, undulating throughout, allowing carbon dioxide to easily filter out from the designated parking areas on the lower levels. Each parking level will also utilize foliage to further filter carbon dioxide from the air helping to reduce pollution in Hong Kong.

The PleXus Tower was conceived as a segmented but highly connected network of major transportation functions, as well as a conventional housing program. The shift in the way the tower design is read, as well as in the functionality of each segment, provides greater programmatic control. Residences are accessible yet private, parking is convenient, and circulation through the ground-level public space provokes interest. At night, lights will glow from the panels, reminding us of the connections these segments share as well as blending in with Hong Kong’s unique night skyline.

Designers: Chris Thackrey, Steven Ma, Bao An Nguyen Phuoc, Christos Koukis, Matus Nedecky, & Stefan Turcovsky

Bleen – Holographic Projection

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Overview: It’s called Bleen, and it’s a breakthrough in technology that reimagines the holographic projection system of tomorrow as as convenient and portable. From its sculptural shell, holographic images are displayed for a variety of applications available in the open-source Bleen Store. This means developers can create an endless amount of programs for gaming, sports, education, exercise, and of course, entertainment. Do virtual yoga with friends, enjoy a 3D gaming experience, or even hire a virtual “DJ” for your next party!

Designer: Bleen Inc


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Overview: FoodPlus is a smart refrigerator with sensors fitted into the door handle. The sensors sync with a Smartphone App and help you know the freshness of your food. The fridge is smart enough to keep an update on what is stocked in it. Read on to know how it works…

Before purchasing food: You can make a list of ingredients using the App, FoodPlus will automatically double check the current stock in fridge and report if you are duplicating any item.

While purchasing: Reconfirms stock in fridge via the FoodPlus APP. 
You can view the amount of pesticide residues on the produce and its freshness using the App and a Smartphone equipped with sensors.

After purchasing: When stocking the food in the refrigerator, the refrigerator keeps an account of what you are loading in.

Depending upon its freshness, FoodPlus will automatically remind you to cook stocks that are getting stale.

FoodPlus is one of the Top 100 Finalists at the 2014 Electrolux Design Lab.

Designer: Yun-Chen Tsai

Ambient Displays

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Overview: In contrast to the current trend of high resolution imaging, the Ambient Display project relies on the quality of fuzziness! This effect is created through the combination of an ALUCOBOND media LED matrix with a Bencore aluminum honeycomb structure. With just 1000 large pixels, it bridges the digital and analog worlds. Less detailed and more subtle, the result is an artistic visual experience with a variety of application opportunities. Hit the jump to see how the designers put it to use!

Designer: designaffairs