PV14 House

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Designer: M Gooden Design

Categories: ArchitectureHomeInterior

Year: Present-2020

Overview: The house is approximately 100′ above the surface of the White Rock Lake and was completed in 2014. It was elevated in order to separate the living spaces from the street and all the traffic and noise. Another reason was to expose the house to the beautiful views.

The architects focused on creating a house that responds to its location and orientation and takes maximum advantage of everything the site offers. This design approach makes it very functional and sustainable and also gives the house a lot of character.

At the same time, an important design choice was not to hide the structural elements of the house. So features such as the concrete floors, the exposed steel structure and modules and the masonry were left exposed.

In total, the residence has three bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms and a multitude of entertainment spaces, a two-car garage, a large storage room and spacious outdoor areas. A simple concrete-slab walkway leads to the entrance.

Gabion fences frame the walkway on either side. The entrance is placed within the masonry column which divides the entertain area and the port-cochere, which is basically a covered porch-like structure large enough for a vehicle to pass through and which in this case accommodates an outdoor dining area.

The entrance foyer is separated from the entertainment area by two columns. Above, it exposes one of the bridges which connects the two sides of the second story. A glass door opens the foyer to the pool area. The swimming pool is situated in the back yard. It lines up with the masonry column which, on this side, is mostly made of glass.

The media room features a red couch as the focal point. It has a dynamic and vibrant allure thanks to this elements but otherwise it remains simple.

In addition to this beautiful roof deck, the residence also has covered terraces on both the front and the back. Moreover, large overhangs and porches shield the windows from direct sunlight while letting light in and opening the interior spaces to the views.

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