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Exclusive Interview With Jen Perry

Jen Perry is a highly motivated and amazingly creative women from Bozeman, Montana and a founder of Jelt Belt.

What was your inspiration for the designs?
I was tired of buying $200+ jeans and having them blow-out/show my crack after wearing them for a bit, but I didn’t like traditional, bulky belts. I remembered the funky, stetchy belts from my childhood and used that as inspiration for Jelt. I wanted Jelt to be a modern-retro look, which is my favorite style. Continue reading →


Exclusive Interview With Axel Schindlbeck

Axel Schindlbeck is an experienced and innovative product designer from Paris, France and a  Co-Founder of Albert Digital Clock.


What was the inspiration behind Albert?
I’ve spent countless hours in school, waiting for time to pass – Albert was an idea to compensate these moments, turning boredom into creativity… and mathematics! Continue reading →

Exclusive Interview With Brooke DaSilva

Brooke DaSilva is a young, talented fashion designer from Las Vegas, Nevada who has recently founded a clothing company called “9 Pockets” which is  on a mission to help others socialize through wearable conversation starters.

What was your inspiration for the designs?
I came up with the design for the 9 pocket shirts because I have this habit of staring at things and imaging them in different ways. I like taking ordinary things in life and making them into a more interesting version of itself. During a boring class in college, I was staring at my professor’s shirt and thought, “What if that shirt had 8 more pockets on it?” Then the idea was born. Read Full Interview →