Portland Hilltop House

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Designer: Olson Kundig

Categories: ArchitectureInterior 

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Situated on a hillside with views toward downtown, the design draws on classical proportions and scale to produce a sophisticated yet comfortable home.

The simple, long bar plan and the spacing of the floor-to-ceiling windows provide both rigorous proportion and rhythm throughout the building. A lantern like entry vestibule welcomes visitors to the house from an auto court. The main level includes the primary living areas (kitchen, dining room, and living room), an office, and a master suite. Views across the main axis—from the courtyard to the south-facing balconies—provide a strong connection to the outdoors. At the end of the bar, the master suite angles away from the rest of the house, taking in the best views and appearing to float in the trees.

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