Austrian Alps Spa Hotel

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Designer: Tom Kundig

Category: Architecture

Year: Present-2020


Overview: Located within an extraordinary alpine setting, the Austrian Alp Spa transforms a former military installation into a world-class hotel and health resort accessible only by helicopter or mountainside gondola.

The magic of this project lies in the delicate nature of its site, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As guests move through the hotel and guest rooms, they will embark upon a journey defined by a progression of experiences that test the thresholds between prospect and refuge, safety and exposure, and adventure and comfort–in sum, the experience of nature in its full range of expression.

The design combines existing structures with new ones, resulting in a clustered ‘crown of thorns’ that minimizes the impact of overall development. Adding building height to existing structures and cantilevering new wings creates a visual experience for guests reminiscent of an aerie.

Visit This Concept At  Austrian Alps Spa Hotel


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