Exclusive Interview With Brooke DaSilva

Brooke DaSilva is a young, talented fashion designer from Las Vegas, Nevada who has recently founded a clothing company called “9 Pockets” which is  on a mission to help others socialize through wearable conversation starters.

What was your inspiration for the designs?
I came up with the design for the 9 pocket shirts because I have this habit of staring at things and imaging them in different ways. I like taking ordinary things in life and making them into a more interesting version of itself. During a boring class in college, I was staring at my professor’s shirt and thought, “What if that shirt had 8 more pockets on it?” Then the idea was born.

What is the main idea behind 9 pocket tees?
The 9 pocket shirts are meant to create conversation. They act as conversation starters because of how they stand out in society. Our mission is to bring people together in unique and fun ways. What better way than with a shirt with 9 pockets on it?

Tell us about your journey from an initial idea phase of 9 pockets to its final production.
Above, you read how I pulled the idea from my brain folds. Creating the first prototype was the next step. I’m an amateur seamstress, so making the first 9 pocket shirt was definitely a classy act that involved gluing 9 pockets onto a shirt. Showed my dad the finished result, and he had a look on his face and questioned himself if he should hang it on the fridge as if it were a 5th grade art project.

Since then, methods of production has come a long way since the good ol’ gluing days. We have production overseas and the pocket has been perfected.

As a founder of 9 pockets, what are your responsibilities?
Everything. The website, graphic design, sending emails, social media, marketing, all the way down to typing this article. There’s this inside joke with myself that whenever I say “we” in an email to someone, I’m like, “Yeah, Brooke and I = we.” Every aspect is done by “us” until I find someone who shares the same vision and passion that I do and is willing to put in the work. For now, paying friends with food in exchange for helping with some aspects of the business will have to do.

What is your favorite part about being the founder of 9 Pockets?
Knowing that I’m able to help others create conversations is definitely my favorite part of all this. It’s amazing knowing I’m responsible for having people end up in fun situations and meeting new people all because of a shirt with 9 pockets.

Which celebrity would you like to have as a brand ambassador of 9 pockets and why?
Taylor Swift. She’s the queen of awkward. The 9 pocket shirt is meant to bring you out of your comfort zone because when you wear it, it’s like a cape. A cape that’s on the front of your shirt and can hold your superhero belongings. I can see Taylor seeing a 9 pocket shirt and just being like, “YES. This is what I’ve been missing all my life.” She’s also someone who I think connects people in odd ways.

Where can people buy 9 pockets?
The 9 pocket shirts are currently available on our Kickstarter campaign at: 9 Pocket Shirts | Kickstarter

Who would you like to thank for where you are today?
To all the lovely weirdos who have supported me along the way—thank you. Society just isn’t ready quite yet for 9 Pockets. Early adopters, people who take on the newest things before everyone else, are the real MVPs.

What are your plans for the future?
We plan on continuing the spread of conversation by releasing more 9 pocket shirt styles and eventually, some other conversation pieces. As design we have in mind is a shirt with cats on all 9 of the pockets and calling it the 9 Lives shirt. Something we’ve always wanted to do is partner with a charity. Is there a charity for awkward people out there?

Do you have any advice for the young designers out there pursuing their dreams?
Be weird. These days, the market is saturated with products that just don’t stand out. Don’t be afraid to embrace your unique ideas—you’ll actually have the advantage.

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