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Designer: Zongwen Yuan

Categories: GreenHealth Home Interior

Year: 2021-2030

Overview: WOO is a “wall” that can purify the air while decorates the room. It can take care of your by making your room a healthier place, at the same time makes it more beautiful.

It’s just a “paper” that you can easily cut it to the measure you like and put it wherever you want. It’s thin and light.

It’s a “game” that you can interact with. By only using your fingers, you can shake the plant to smell it, stir the water, guide an animal o a boat, see the blossom, frighten the fish school o even let it wind!

It’s a “pet” that you can take it with you to anywhere. Even if you’re not taking it, you can always see it on your mobile phone and play with it.

It’s a “friend” that will always be by your side when you need it, gets “lost” (invisible) when you want to be alone, gives you peace when you are worried, cheers you up when you are down, takes you to the nature when you want to escape.

Visit This Concept At WOO

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