Myrins – Keep Your Memories in the Objects Around You

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Designer: Myrins

Categories: Technology Product Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Myrins are tiny NFC Tags that let you add memories to the objects around you. Myrins make your digital memories tangible and easily accessible.

Attaching Myrins to physical objects transforms them into Cloud-connected photo albums. Imagine if any memento or keepsake in your home could hold a memory and tell a story.

That wooden cat on the mantelpiece holds all your photos and videos of Sparky, the beloved family cat. The ceramic Christmas tree on the shelf holds all the precious memories of past family Christmases.

Each Myrin houses an NFC tag encoded with a unique URL that links you to our online app where your memories are safely stored. Touch your smartphone or tablet to the Myrin-enabled keepsake and your memory instantly becomes visible.

Visit This Concept At Myrins


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