HyundaiCard Air Lounge

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Designer: Gensler

Category: Architecture

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Located within Incheon International Airport, the lounge provides HyundaiCard Black members an exclusive environment to relax and compose before embarking on their travels. A counterpoint to the landside bustle and visual noise, the lounge’s elegantly simple layout is arranged within the serene confines of a freestanding “black box.” Like a perfectly packed suitcase, this smartly ordered space offers the information, accessories and entertainment needed to ensure an enjoyable travel experience. Different to traditional airline clubs, HyundaiCard combines the function and feel of a lounge blended with retail and museum programming. More than a static waiting space, the lounge offers passengers a place to finish open business, purchase a thoughtful gift and refresh for the journey ahead.

Visit This Concept At HyundaiCard Air Lounge


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