xWallDock – Launching Soon on Kickstarter

Avi Cohen on His New Design & Upcoming Campaign:


“This product is a re-launch of an older version. We had to cut cost significantly and we believe that the final design is superior to the first revision.

Like many ideas, this product idea came out of a personal experience, dealing with a problem that needed to be solved. We are a family of 5, with iPhones, iPads and iPods in the house with multiple charges and charging locations.

Almost every day I was searching the house for a charger that my teenager took up to his room or my wife forgot in her office. Feeling frustrated like this so often I found myself wishing I could just screw a charger to the wall.

So this is how the idea for the xWallDock was born.
With the patented xWallDock, we remove the misplacement of the dock all together by simply making it a part of the outlet. By doing so we made it more robust for docking and removing the device, by actually fastening it to the outlet. We figured, that in the US, Canada and most of South America, we all use the two most common outlet styles, with a decorative faceplate to cover the gap between the wall and the outlet. So why not replace the existing face plate with the xWallDock plate?

The xWallDock will simply screw in where the old face plate was. By using the supplied short pigtail USB cable you will have a wall mounted charging dock. It could be mounted to the kitchen backsplash and used to listen to music and browse recipes, or it could be placed next to the headboard of the bed or in the living room, remaining in the same spot. There will be no long wires laying around on the floor, no wires stretched from the outlet to the dresser and no mess.

We designed the xWallDock to be easily installed and without the need to internally wire it. It will get connected to the charger in the outlet with the supplied USB short cable.

We spent a significant amount of time to make this product easy to use and manufacture, and have an aesthetically pleasing design.
The initial first run will accommodate any Apple iDevice using the Apple Lightning cable, as well as any other phone or device using a Micro-USB connector. The xWallDock is designed to be able to charge iPads, Tablets and eBook readers as well.

A new kickstarter campaign will be launched in the last week of August.”

—Avi Cohen (Designer of xWallDock)

For more information, visit xWallDock


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