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E-Ink Keyboard

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Overview: This ingenious wireless keyboard concept goes beyond simple keystroke shortcuts to make life easier. The technologically advanced design utilizes e-ink technology in the form of a small e-ink screen behind each key that change dynamically when switching between applications or languages. It also features a large touchpad (with mulit-touch navigation for easier web browsing), superior indoor/outdoor readability as well as quiet tactile keys. DO WANT!

Designer: Jaasta

The SOOT Electropack

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Overview: The SOOT Electropack is a fully transformable bag system that charges your mobile devices for up to two weeks off the grid! The design actually consists of 3 modular bag of different size that can be combined in a variety of ways to suit the user’s needs. Each contains a 10,000mAh battery- as thin as possible without sacrificing power. Charge up to four devices at once — from smart phones to tablets, and wireless speakers to smart watches. The SOOT Electropack charges anything that’s USB-powered!

The Mini Messenger (AKA the “Tablet Messenger”) is the perfect small pack for quick trips into the city. At just over 10 Liters, you can pack in a light jacket, a 1-liter water bottle, your iPad (there’s an integrated protective sleeve for that!) a book, your keys, and a bit more! On a long flight? Keep your entertainment charged up along the way via the built-in 10,000mAh battery! Includes an outward-facing battery compartment that houses the SOOT Battery with dual USB ports.

The Commuter is a space-optimized 24-Liter backpack with a protective laptop sleeve. This is your best bet for that daily commute to the office. Just like the Mini Messenger, the Commuter includes an outward-facing battery compartment that houses one SOOT Battery with dual USB ports.

Combine the Mini Messenger together with the Commuter to form the Carry-On. Made of premium ballistic nylon and ultra-high grade marine vinyl, this is the SOOT Electropack in its most voluminous form — and it’s the perfect travel bag for a weekend getaway. At just over 34 Liters, it’s great for packing in larger cargo and taking on board your next flight!

Designer: SOOT

B99 – Smart Foosball Table

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Overview: The B99 brings some awesome hi-tech additions to the game of foosball which has gone surprisingly unchanged in design throughout it’s history. It wirelessly syncs with your smartphone to give you training, match statistics or even replays. As added bonus, it features a Bang and Olufsen sound system so you can stream your jock jams while you play! Whether you consider it just a table-top game or a full-fledged sport, it’s easy to appreciate this unique integration.

Designer: Michaël Imbert

Easy Turn – Bicycle Turn Signal

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Overview: As the number of bicycle riders in urban areas increases, so does the need for additional levels of safety as roadways and bike lanes both experience congestion. The Easy Turn system adapts to any bicycle frame to provide rear turn signals with enhanced visibility that tell other riders and car drivers where you’re going. The two-part system includes the turn signal attachment as well as a wireless signal changer for installation on the handle bars where it’s easily controlled with the thumb.

Designer: Naomi Lin

DefenDoor – Security Camera

Overview: The latest in home security, DefenDoor allows your to screen your visitors just like you screen your calls. Its wide-angle lens and 720P/HD resolution also help you keep your home safely monitored while you’re out and even notifies you when other family members return safely. With a low price point and easy wireless installation, it’s a smart and cost effective solution for securing your doorstep and the rest of your home.

Designer: Glate