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Pulse Navigation Assistant

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Overview: In a world filled with a bazillion fitness tracking bands and smartwatches, the Pulse band stands out as something that serves a higher purpose. Designed to help the visually impaired navigate themselves on roads, the band works with an absolutely negligible learning curve and components, making it a much simpler product to use and manufacture as compared to other devices for people with acute vision problems.

Designer : Justin Horne


Telepathy One

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Overview: The Telepathy One is a finely crafted, superior quality micro-projection unit. It is designed to convey to the eyes, steady visual information in a natural and safe way. In short it is a wearable communication device that is non obtrusive and takes you beyond the use of a smartphone. The wearable device hooks up with smartphones and tablets and opens up a new dimension in communication.


  • As a next generation device, it makes social communication as fast, easy, and natural as listening to music with your portable devices.
  • In addition, with the device’s proprietary lower power consumption design, the user is able to wear and carry around Telepathy One everywhere.
  • The Telepathy One offers user friendly and fun applications, which fit various daily usage scenarios.

Designer: the design labo Inc.

Ambient Displays

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Overview: In contrast to the current trend of high resolution imaging, the Ambient Display project relies on the quality of fuzziness! This effect is created through the combination of an ALUCOBOND media LED matrix with a Bencore aluminum honeycomb structure. With just 1000 large pixels, it bridges the digital and analog worlds. Less detailed and more subtle, the result is an artistic visual experience with a variety of application opportunities. Hit the jump to see how the designers put it to use!

Designer: designaffairs