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ORA-X – Headphone With AR Display

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Designer: Optinvent

Categories: Audio Gadgets Technology

Year: Present-2020

Overview: The ORA-X pushes the technology envelope and creates a brand new mobile experience. It seamlessly blends mobile audio with a visual experience. Continue reading →


Alfa Romeo 12C GTS

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Designer: Ugur Sahin Design

Categories: Automotive | Product Design

Year: 2021-2030

Overview: The Alfa Romeo 12C GTS is a sports car concept which is design to capture the classic appearance of historic Alfas, and wrap it up in a modern package. Unlike his previous design the 12C GTS has no obvious model on which it is based. And as such there are no drivetrain details or engineering specifications of any kind. Read Full Concept Overview!


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Designer: o4i

Category: Interior

Year: Present – 2020

Overview: The Copperfield Mirror takes a square mirror form with a large circular cutout frame in metal. The corners of the frame keep wallets, cellphones, makeup and mail from falling out, while the backing in optional colors casts back a splash of color for more dimension and visual intrigue.

Io – Light Fixture

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Overview: This stylish, half-slice shaped sconce uses a clever combination of lines and curves to create the visual illusion that it’s unattached and floating. Not only for looks, the unique placement of the 3D shape effectively illuminates the space with a variety of vertical positions easily defined by the user. Up, down, just till it around to highlight or shadow the area to your liking!

Designer: Claesson Koivisto Rune

Xgamer – Handheld Gaming Device

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Overview: The next best thing to headset VR, the Xgamer combines accelerated gaming with a curved screen cinematic experience. Its 10-inch, 1080P, 180 degree screen gives users a greater sense of immersion in the display environment and is made more powerful by a state of the art accelerated video card. Not only visually compelling, its curved shape is naturally ergonomic for the hands with controls placed at the back of the design.

Designer: Beau Reid