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Crossover Watch

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Overview: The Cross Over Watch is a good take on the game “Pick up stix”, it features contemporary and graceful hands that appear to be precariously balanced rotate around the dial. What makes it striking is the way the hands are slightly askew to the center giving this timepiece an elegant vibe.

  • Crossover is a unisex watch measuring 40mm (1.57″) in diameter and 7.6mm (0.30″) high.
  • It is made of a black IP stainless steel with hidden lugs that connect the band seamlessly.
  • Available with either a 20mm black leather or silicone band.

Designer: Denis Guidone


Modern Lodge

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Overview: One look at the interior of this mountain lodge and you’d never know that it’s a mere 538 square feet. Using material continuations, like the raw barn-wood floor that extends upwards to the wall at random sections, the space appears larger while maintaining that warm,cozy lodge vibe. Extra tall ceilings and lots of carefully placed windows add to this openness while providing perfect views of the contrasting wild terrain.

Designer: Igor Sirotov