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BEHATI Handcrafted Bags

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Designer: BEHATI

Category: Bags

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Reversible clutch made of natural brown calf leather and lizard motif BUNA fabric. It’s like having two different clutches for different occasion. Continue reading →

2120 Footwear

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Designer: 2120

Category: Shoes

Year: Present-2020

Overview: 2120 Footwear is a classic and vintage inspired shoes. It’s simple, clean, comfortable, and versatile. These shoes looks good with practically everything and is built to last for long time and age beautifully.

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0815 Watches

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Designer: Kenneth Tay

Categories: Accessories & Fashion | Watches

Year: Present – 2020

Overview: There are 2 components within the 0815 System, the Watch Base and the Interchangeable Bezels.

  • The Watch Base is a precision machined, stainless steel, barebones body that houses the functional components of a watch.
  • The Interchangeable Bezels, each with their own distinct character, lock on to the Watch Base, supplementing an otherwise basic watch with a touch of style and identity that complements a wide variety of sartorial ensembles.

Working together, these 2 components create a unique watch system that allows you to effortlessly dress up your watch in a variation of bespoke styles, providing a seamless versatility tailored to our ever-evolving lifestyles.

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Downtown Shoes New York

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Designer: Downtown Shoes New York

Category: Shoes

Year: Present – 2020

Overview: In shoes design & production, if designers look for extraordinary, they need to make everything special because overall harmonious experience means getting a great number of variables flawless. From the logo to the stitches, from the Downtown Signature to the special molded brown outsole and red sole with their unique details and color harmony, Downtown shoes design offers the unique experience that makes a truly beautiful difference.

 Whether you wear corduroy pants, jeans, fabric pants or even sportswear, Downtown shoes offer a wide range of uses day & night. Genuine suede for all the models also adds a great value as the chosen material to the shoes’ versatility and elegance.

Downtown shoes cover your feet smoothly because of its genuine flexible suede surface. Downtown shoes also offer “red comfort soles”, which touches the ground with a sports shoes feeling, yet having a beautiful stylish look.

Design and material are essential for the quality of the shoes, however, great shoes are only complete when there is detailed and precise craftsmanship. One can easily feel the quality of the suede, finishings and stitching with Downtown Shoes. You can literally smell the quality of labor and genuine suede as you hold the Downtown shoes for the first time.

Downtown shoes offer high durability with high quality material, specially molded flexible outsoles, finishings and red stitches that combine durability with design.

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Apple lightMac iMac

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Overview: The next version of the Apple iMac is a versatile screen that transforms from the size of an iMac to the MacBook to the iPad. Essentially, a device that moves from different forms to look and feel as sexy and innovative as an Apple product should be whilst being functional. Take a look at the detailed images that elucidate this concept … supersexy!

Designer: Cristian Tomas Moyano