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Modern Vineyard House

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Overview: The 20-acre plot occupied by the Retrospect Vineyards is located in Windsor, California and it produces pinot noir grapes for the nearby wineries.The building was intended to serve as a vacation home so it had to be easy to live with. The architects applied all the major concepts that define their practice. They paid attention to the way that the building relates to the land and the surroundings, they designed it with open plans both vertically and horizontally and they made sure there’s a smooth continuation between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

Designer: Swatt Miers Architects


FLEYE Quadcopter

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Overview: The innovative FLEYE is a Quadcopter that brings home stunning images from the locales it flies over. Combined with the app, it’s essentially a service that allows you to experience places that may be distant on paper but accessible via the app. Explore in-depth travel destinations and get reviews from other visitors before actually visiting a place. I think its quite apt for our generation where we get so little leisure time and would like to make the most of our vacations.

Designers: Kim Joongu, Choi Kyusung, Seo Won-kyoung, Kim Yeojin, Kwon Jina, Mun Heeseung and Park Heesung