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Designer: Hypnocube

Category: Lighting

Year: Present-2020

Overview: The HypnoLight is a 12’ strand of 50 LED lights, which you just plug in and it plays artistic lighting sequences automatically. Continue reading →

ilumi – Smartbulb With Bluetooth LE

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Designer: ilumi

Categories: CellphonesLightingTechnology | Home

Year: Present-2020

Overview: The Simplest, Brightest, & Smartest Light Bulb in the Universe! Let your lighting be so much more than just light. Continue reading →

Tourbillon Black Hole

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Overview: Tourbillon is one of the most basic complications that you look for in a watch, the grounding factor and the most poetic one. It is essential in keeping the negative effects of gravity on the accuracy of time telling, away. What we have here is the Tourbillon Black Hole Concept Watch, which is inspired by our universe and especially by the black holes.

  • The three rings (hours and minutes) are designed like a vortex and the tourbillon escapement represent a nebula that is going to be inhaled.
  • You can see a transparent disk with white points (stars): this is the disk of the seconds and it moves at the speed of 360 degrees / minutes.
  • The moving tourbillon and this stars disk plus the rotating rings will create a beautiful black hole effect.

The movement is mechanical and hand-wound with the power spring placed on the left side of the watch. All of this is visible thanks to a second sapphire glass. The time is indicated by the blue arrow and we can see that presently it shows 3h 18min

Materials: rubber, stainless steel with black PVD finish, Hi-tech black ceramic, sapphire glass.

Designer: Thierry Fischer