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Forest Station

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Overview: This unique architectural undertaking draws inspiration from an uncommon yet beautiful natural occurrence. Similar to how a tree’s roots will grow through and eventually divide a solid stone, the symmetrical structure features a wood-clad section situated directly in the center of a larger concrete framework. Not coincidentally, the tree-inspired building serves as a forest trekking station and sits right at the top of the canopy line, giving full visibility of the woodland area.

Designers: Naser Nasiri & Taher Nasiri


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Overview: In the shift to electric vehicles, there’s one thing we’re really going to miss about our old combustion engines… the sound! Whether your tone of choice is a low grumble or high-pitched whir, the voice of the vehicle has forever been a deciding factor for new car owners. While it doesn’t offer a solution to maintaining the sound experience, the Spectra concept vehicle’s unique form was inspired by the Doppler effect created by today’s F1 cars.

From the fairings to the fenders, the shape represents the observable sound frequencies in the F1’s spectrum, paying homage to the soon-to-be-extinct combustion engine.

Designer: Teeravit  Hanharutaivan

Apple TV

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Overview: Say Apple and you usually expect an iPhone concept, however this time around designer Martin Hajek surprises us with two unique Apple iTV concepts. The Unboxed and Ahead of the Curve are conjured only to ask some relevant questions like will there be an upgraded AppleTV box; will it be in white and gold or will it be curved? What do you guys think?

Designer: Martin Hajek

Saturn Silver

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Overview: One look at this timepiece’s outer rings and you’ll see why it’s named Saturn. Its unique digital display rides through time by propelling its hours and minutes through black segments. The hour can be deciphered from an outer ring of 12 segments and minutes from an inner ring of 60 segments.

Designer: ZIIIRO

Olaf – Scooter/Backpack Hybrid

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Overview: A scooter with a built-in luggage… or luggage with a built-in scooter. Whichever way you look at it, OLAF is simply hybrid-awesomeness! The multifunctional design is available in two versions: a casual backpack for kicking around town, OR a more serious carry-on for business travel. Whether you’re a briefcase/suit kinda guy or hip, urban dweller, both models represent a unique vision of modern urban mobility that transforms in seconds!

Designer: Olaf