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Little Moon – Luminous Feminine Shoes

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Designer: Little Moon

Categories: Shoes

Year: Present – 2020

Overview: Ultimate emblem of seduction, shoe talks about the most intimate part of yourself.

It should be in priority comfortable, then aesthetic to value the outline. Goal is to allow woman to bloom in her life, by respecting her own nature, style, her universe as well as favoring her self-confidence.

The feminine shoes, elegant, and comfortable for all active women who wish to be daily at their best.

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Bike Trailer

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Overview: Alejandra Castelao’s Bike Trailer concept is the ultimate accessory for overnight cycling adventures. Designed for destination camping, the dual-wheeled trailer is adaptable to any bicycle to carry cargo. Better yet, it features an integrated shelter that’s easily deployed upon arrival. Additional user comforts include a bug-proof mesh, flexible sleeping pad and power for devices and built-in LEDs harnessed via solar panels as well as recovered energy through the trailer’s wheels.

Designer: Alejandra Castelao