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MAGBELT – Magnetic Belt

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Designer: Magzook Tightening Systems

Categories: Accessories & Fashion

Year: Present-2020

Overview: A magnetic belt that eliminates belt holes, belt overhang and adjusts to fit perfectly to your waist. The MagBelt is the perfect belt for everyone. It look’s great in the office, a night on the town, and will keep your pants up at all times–whether it be skiing, golfing, fishing, filling out TPS reports, plumbing, twerking, or just standing there.

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The Friday Bag

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Overview: Out Of Town Bags have designed a bag that’s adapted for any situation thanks to its versatile features and seamless aesthetic. They called it the “Friday Bag”, because Friday is the day that best embodies this link between work and free time.

  • Multiples features adapted for modern uses : Your laptop, passport, and camera will fit easily and safely, along with your spare outfit.
  • Minimalist aesthetic : Its uncluttered design is suited to any situation, and outlasts fashion trends.
  • Quality product : Their locally sourced fabric comes from a small French family-owned company. The bag was designed in Paris by Karen. The prototypes were also developed in a Parisian workshop, by Caroline, a talented leather craftsman.

You can back this project at The Friday Bag | Kickstarter

Designer: Out Of Town Bags