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Weather Point 2.0 – Smallest Weather Station

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Overview: Since we are all aware of weather changes that are affecting our lives and daily activities,  as team we decided to create Weather Point in order to follow up with such changes and have most accurate weather measurements on very current locations.

Weather Point 2.0 is actually an innovation in weather monitoring and measuring.

Dimensionally pretty small and convenient to carry around in your daily activities, it is functionally more than helpful due to the facts that works as thermometer, humidity meter, UV index & atmospheric pressure meter and it is compatible with your mobile devices . Supports iOS & Android .

In any moment ,on any location , provides you with temperature , pressure, UV and humidity measurements.

Cute and elegant, stylish, fashionable, convenient and very necessary piece of your daily outfit to help you go throughout your day without rainy or any other weather surprises.

Simply plug it in, read it and you are all set to go!

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Designer: Mind Lab


Homtime C1pro

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Overview: The Homtime C1pro is the definition of “multifunctional” – it’s got the look and feel of a digital alarm clock but is for so much more than waking up. Not only does it display time and temperature, but you can also use it to charge your USB devices or pair it with Bluetooth® electronics to project audio through its built-in speakers. It’s a 4-in-1 device designed for personalization. A brightness adjustment setting allows you to minimize glow at night, and a convenient microSD card slot allows you to set alarms with your favorite tunes. With a compact size and good sound quality, the C1pro’s user-friendly design will be useful from the time you wake up until you go to sleep. It’s not just a gadget – it’s a bedside companion.

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Designer: Hometime

Sanitary Sleep Station

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Overview: Sanitary Sleep Statiion is an air purification system designed around users’ natural sleep tendencies, enabling the very best sleep while also promoting a healthy lifestyle. This highly personalized air purification system reacts in real-time to users’ changing body conditions while they sleep. It fully controls the sleeping atmosphere by creating variances in factors such as temperature, humidity levels and learns from the user’s sleep patterns, and overall air quality. This sanitary sleep station fosters continuous improvements of the users’ sleep quality—as well as their overall well-being—by monitoring a wearable device.

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Designer: Mackenzie Smith

KLOS Guitars

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Overview: Travel guitars are naturally more susceptible to be damaged, because they travel of course. KLOS Guitars protect the sound producing body by making it out of carbon fiber, protecting it from scratches, dents, and cracks as well as the weather like temperature and humidity. KLOS Guitars make the neck out of high quality mahogany and rosewood so that the guitar has the familiar feel of a wooden guitar.

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Designer: KLOS Guitars

Izotz – Intelligent Food Conservation System

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Overview: They say words have power – for example don’t call it a bowl of veggies, call it a bowl of stir-fried exotic vegetables with tangy sauce, dollops of butter and a dash of crushed pepper to spice it up. Salivating? Likewise, new-age refrigerators are Intelligent Food Conservation Systems with a dash of Innovation. The Izotz is one such appliance that has some interesting features – read on to know more.

The Izotz is mounted on the kitchen wall and sits half inside and half outside. The appliance is such that it takes advantage of the outside temperature and adapts to it. For example, during winters it takes advantage of the cold temperature outside to sustain the internal cooling of the fridge and thus lower electricity costs. And during summer it takes advantage of the solar energy to power the fridge.

The appliance even sports an herb bed that breaks down their internal cellulose, an organic compound, which Izotz later converts into a biopolymer. When we store some food inside the system, it gets coated with the biopolymer, which in turn vacuum seals it to retain freshness. This layer can be easily removed and is recycled by Izotz. This project is one of the shortlisted Top 35 Electrolux Design Lab Competition entry for 2014.

Designer: Iker Legarda Gabiria