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No holes, no damage: Unlike conventional picture frames that use nails and hooks, FLIXI attaches to the wall with the WallSnap and a 3M™ double sided tape called “Command™” adhesive. FLIXI can easily be removed and the adhesive leaves no residue and does not damage the wall. Each frame will be supplied with two adhesive strips.

Exactly where you want it: The WallSnap is our patent pending wall anchoring system. The WallSnap has springy feet that prevent the adhesive from sticking to the wall until it’s in the right spot and level.

No measurement: Placing a single picture is difficult enough using traditional frames, so imagine perfectly leveling and aligning a series of them to form a gallery of frames. It often goes beyond the limit of our patience. With FLIXI’s WallSnap anchor and built-in level, there’s no guesswork and the frame is always perfectly straight!

Flexible and shatterproof window: Easy to insert and remove, it’s not fragile like the thin glass of conventional frames and is completely safe for children.

Stability: FLIXI is solidly held onto the wall and will stay exactly in position without tilting or shifting, even if you have an army of kids running around your house.

Tabletop frame: FLIXI also works as a tabletop frame with its retractable stand. Flip it open and place your frame in portrait or landscape orientation.

Colors: FLIXI frames come in 8 colors. The shatterproof window has a color border on the face side and a white border on the back side. You can mix and match frame and border colors to yours hearts content and thus create the perfect look for your photos.

Creative possibilities: The clever geometry at the back of the Flixi enables two frames to attach to each other in back to back fashion. With additional accessories, this feature can transform FLIXI frames into a mobile, a hinged frame or a double-sided standing frame. With different colors and sizes, this opens the door to loads of creative possibilities.

You can back this project at FLIXI | Kickstarter

Designer: Toboggan Design


Lamborghini Querderro

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Overview: The Lamborghini design language seems to get wilder and wilder with each new release which is why it’s no surprise they attract party animals more often than businessmen (i.e. Justin Bieber). Some of us, however, are purists when it comes to the brand and think back fondly to the subtler days of the Diablo and Countach. For us, the Querderro is a reminder of why we started liking the Golden Bull to begin with.

The design is an evolution of the classic brand language that also integrates new visual elements. The structural core of the concept is a lightweight and extremely rigid carbon fiber monocoque shell. Surfaces have precisely defined, sharp edges and crystalline volume.

The side profile is characterized as a sharp wedge and defined by a deep air intake. Butterfly doors swing upwards and inwards (duh).

The familiar low and sharp front includes diffusers for better aerodynamics. Two large intake provide air for brake cooling and emphasize the width of the car from the front view.

The rear pillars act as deflectors, directing air over the engine lid and towards the retractable spoiler to increase stability and traction while also cooling the engine. Aesthetically, the rear end is characterized by the slim, deep lights and diffusers.

Designer: Jan Bujnak

EQUS – Electric Cargo Motorcycle

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Overview: EQUS is an electric cargo motorcycle that allows you to bring along a variety of goods on your commute, while running errands or when you’re out for a leisurely ride. Its minimal yet robust frame is designed around a convenient cargo area found between the rider’s seat and the front fork. This purposeful placement provides a lower center of gravity and greater overall stability to the design.

Designers: Alejandra Hanashiro, Paula Cossarini, Mariano Pellegrino y Juan Ortiz Rincón