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BISE – Air energizer

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Designer: Antoine Riquiez

Categories: BathroomHealthProduct Design

Year: 2031-2040

Overview: BISE is an air energizer that keeps your bathroom clean and healthy creating a nurturing spa feeling to the most intimate room of your home. It removes all the pollutant coming from hair spray, perfume, deodorant & humidity in order to respect your environment and your basic needs of health. To achieve the experience the user is able to feel the benefit of this product by stretching in front of it and getting a fresh wave of energized air thanks to the algae treatment. BISE is composed of a mesh wall made of a coating of titanium dioxide that breaks down the pollutants to accelerate the filter process and algae filter that absorbs CO2, purifies wastewater while releasing oxygen and iodine.

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ReSkin Device

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Overview: The ReSkin Device is an innovative medical tool that can help burn victims make recovery faster with the help of skin grafts. Essentially, stem cells are harvested and then made to grow as skin in a special incubator. This special formula is then sprayed onto the victim requiring the graft. The time taken for the initial process is under two hours, which is significantly faster than the current methods. What is interesting is that the entire healing process takes about a week and is relatively painless. Super!

Designer: Martin Duhayon