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HTC Six – Concept Smartphone

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Overview: Just add a nine…like sixty-nine…okie enough of my naughty banter now. Back to the point of the HTC Six, a concept phone that is super slim and features an elegant silhouette. Stirring the emotions of “vintage”, the design language on this concept is retro modern.

The specs are detailed on the images, so let’s just appreciate the beautiful lines for now.

Designer: Giorgi Tedoradze

Lexus F10 Concept

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Overview: The only thing to complain about the Lexus F10 is that it’s merely not in production! Compact yet aggressive, low-profile yet unrestricted, its aesthetic is a perfect balance of super-sporty and refinement. With lots to like, you’d be hard-pressed to find something you don’t like about it. No word on specs yet, so sit back and enjoy the view!

Designer: Faisal Semari

C Bench and Stone

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Overview: Applied perfectly to this ultra-contemporary garden setting, Peter Donders’ creative seating designs, the C Bench and Stone, instantly command a strong visual attraction. Each uses a single strand of carbon fiber twisted around a mold. When the mold is removed the resulting structure is organic and airy in aesthetic yet incredibly strong. They’re a surprising solution for both indoor/outdoor seating and exceptional for defining a variety of modern spaces.

Designer: Peter Donders