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Impulse Speaker Case

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Overview: The problem with those super slim smartphones is they rarely pack a punch in terms of audio anymore. I remember owning a Sony Ericsson Walkman phone that would shake up the neighbourhood every time I played a song. I guess the most obvious trade-off companies make when they make their phones slimmer is in the sound department. Luckily modularity gives us freedom to add accessories to our phones and push their limits. The Impulse case for the iPhone really allows you to flaunt some serious sonic abilities. It uses four transducers and a sound channel between them to really deliver when it comes to the decibel, even with the bass (which is usually pitiful with smartphones in the 10mm-or-less category).

Designers: Michael Ward and Yoann Lechopier

Backtrack – Sound Memory Recorder

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Overview: Tchotchkes, photos & other tangible objects are all effective when it comes to reflecting on our memories, but what if you could hear your memories rather than see them? The Backtrack concept explores this alternative sensory approach to preserving memories. Equipped with GPS, the device detects the user’s location & records audio when specified. Users then define the precise emotion they were feeling at the moment. The device saves each recording with an “emotional tag” that can then be shared on social media to let others in on the sound of your experience!

Designer: Maria Romero Pérez

NEEO – Smart Remote

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Overview: NEEO is a revolutionary smart system that lets you control all your devices from one remote and even knows who you are when you pick it up! Two parts, the brain and the remote, work in tandem to control everything from your sound system to your TV and lights. With the NEEO app you can also harness the power of “the brain” using your smartphone!


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Overview: In the shift to electric vehicles, there’s one thing we’re really going to miss about our old combustion engines… the sound! Whether your tone of choice is a low grumble or high-pitched whir, the voice of the vehicle has forever been a deciding factor for new car owners. While it doesn’t offer a solution to maintaining the sound experience, the Spectra concept vehicle’s unique form was inspired by the Doppler effect created by today’s F1 cars.

From the fairings to the fenders, the shape represents the observable sound frequencies in the F1’s spectrum, paying homage to the soon-to-be-extinct combustion engine.

Designer: Teeravit  Hanharutaivan