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Giant Unicorn Lamp

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LIGHT MODES This 20 x 12″ (51cmx30cm) multi-color changing LED lamp comes with a remote that can control different speed modes including:

  • Flash Mode
  • Strobe Mode
  • Fade Mode
  • Smooth Mode
  • 16-Color Solid Mode
It also has adjustable settings for speed and brightness, but whether it’s turned on or off, Giant Unicorn makes a great visual impact perfect for your home!
Dimensions: 20 x 12 x 10″
Weight: approx. 5lb
Material: Heat-resistant polyethylene, multi color LED light bulb
Powered by AC Adapter
Input: 100-240V, 50/60Hz 0.3A
Output: 12v, 1AWe use heat-resistant polyethylene, so it’s safe for the little ones!
Universal Adapter: (included for international orders)
Visit this project at Giant Unicorn Lamp
Designer: Smoko Inc

PANDORA – Flexible Display Note PC

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Overview: PANDORA is a flexible laptop PC for the next generation. Through its flexible display and proper application of various technologies, this laptop PC can be applied to a number of interfaces smoothly. A shade less thicker than typical tablets, the device boasts of thin flexible battery technologies as well. A good hybrid concept for gen-next I love the new form and approach towards the design.

Measuring only 9mm thick, it can be easily gripped and is convenient to carry. Materials used include fine porous grapheme materials, high polymer and silicon on the hinge part.

Designer: Jeabyun Yeon

Crater lake

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Overview: A winner at the 2011 Shitsurai Art International Competition, Crater Lake is an environmental installation that serves as a meeting place to visit with friends, contemplate the surroundings, or simply sit for a moment. The design was inspired by the social revitalization of the city of Kobe, Japan after the Great Hanshin-Awaji earthquake of 1995.

Multiple ideas and materials were tested to realize the complexity of the smooth and undulating form.  Wood was chosen for its strong structural capacity, easiness to work with, and natural qualities. One of the main issues was the expression of the continuous and smooth surface without using costly techniques of wood steaming, bending or digital fabrication. The solution was to divide the circular surface into a number of radial parts, with the optimal number of 20 parts. Factors that determined this optimal number were, overall surface expression, production schedule, and transportation method (vehicle bedsize). These 20 radial parts were preassembled off-site and transported by a vehicle to the main site of Shiosai Park.

Standard wood and off-the-shelf hardware were used in construction to avoid any costly customized fabrication process. 2×4 studs were used for all structural members and 30×60 mm treated cedar wood was used for the surface. The structure of radial parts consists of a series of free-form ribs composed in segments with horizontal support and cross bracing for rigidity. Each radial segment has 64 surface planks that are attached to three structural ribs that are rigidly connected between each other with horizontal supports. The surfaces with the most anticipated traffic flow have narrow spacing between each plank. As the mount becomes higher, the spacing distance of surface planks increases, allowing users to climb the mount. The rising mount resulted from understanding the site and seasonal conditions, functioning as a sun shading and wind protection from the bay winds when sitting in the inner area.

Designer: 24° Studio


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Overview: Appropriately named the Halfbike, this new you-powered trike allows users to explore new horizons and have fun in an entirely new way! The design utilizes the core driving mechanism of a bicycle (wheel/crankset) and applies it to an upright user position that trains balance and reflexes. The standing position is closer to natural walking and users must use their entire body to control it. Unlike a regular bicycle, the Halfbike becomes an extension of the body that creates a smooth and intuitive ride.

Designer: Kolelinia

Braun Bounce

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Overview: Maybe I’m dating myself, but do you remember when wood was the only option for speakers and TVs?! Well, wood is BACK in a big way and that includes portable audio. The Braun Bounce headphones look like and feel like they sound: smooth and natural! Real wood housings are paired with ultra-soft ear cushions and a minimalist headband for an original look that’s as beautiful as it is comfortable. DO WANT!

Designer: Rasam Rostami