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Overview: LifeHub is a paradox in many ways, on one hand it marks the birth of an innovative concept and on the other hand it spells the death of many! In a nutshell, LifeHub is a Watch, Smartphone, Headset, Key, Wallet, Bluetooth Speaker and Projector, all rolled into one. By investing in this one item, you end up eliminating the need for eight individual devices, thus saving up on space and resources. Sounds interesting? Read on….

  • LifeHub is a Watch, the Memory polymer and a bendable OLED screen creates a stylish and secure bracelet that tells you the time. Messages, weather or music, get them all here.
  • LifeHub is a Smartphone, bend the bracelet into a candy bar where the simplest of interfaces; make video calls by bending just the bottom half of the device and setting it on a surface. Apps, contacts, messages, email, games, media, and feeds greet you in high definition and with stereo sound.
  • LifeHub is a Headset, two discreet Bluetooth earpieces with microphones are secured in the device and have to be snapped off to use as a headset. While snapped in, they function as an earpiece + microphone or external stereo speakers when activated.
  • LifeHub is a Key that is password protected and programmable. They work with physical locks enabled with LifeHub access. The Key also doubles up as a data transfer device.
  • LifeHub is a Wallet that stores Credit Card and Debit Card data from several cards.
  • LifeHub is a Speaker that docks into the base to become portable audio speakers with rich bass. The device is also automatically backed up when docked.
  • LifeHub is a Projector that is motion controlled in both flat and tilted positions.
  • LifeHub is recharged on a charging pad and can function as your alarm clock, notepad, game center, message panel and weather station. It can even play you Internet radio!

Design Direction & Product Design: Amit Mirchandani
Product Design: Nithin Anthony
Model: Lock Weng Po

Designer: Lucid Design


AIR – Active Information Respirator

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Overview: As smog masks become a major necessity in China’s large cities, so increases the desire for masks that are both effective and stylish. Simply named Air, this active-information respirator ensures wearers are protected at all times whilst becoming a staple in their modern wardrobe. The device incorporates a particle detection system which allows the user to directly monitor the surrounding air quality using their smartphone. Additionally, the smart app provides real-time data degradation and quality of the filter.

Designer: Alex Morrison

eInk Cellphone

Overview: The aim of this eInk Cell Phone is to provide mobile phone goodness at a fraction of the cost. According to the designer, the final price should be no more than $200. The focus is on the battery life and that it can play second fiddle to your primary smartphone. Listen to music, read a book or the news – all without having to worry about the battery.

Designer: Fabrice Dubuy