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Designer: tempescope

Categories: Technology Product Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: A physical display that reproduces various weather conditions according to the weather forecast. Continue reading →


Infinitas Yacht

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Overview: Infinitas is the 300 foot (91.5 meter) yacht concept. The design’s main inspiration comes from the symbol for infinity which has been abstractly expressed within the yacht’s elevation.

The design’s main inspiration comes from the symbol for infinity which has been abstractly expressed within the yacht’s elevation.

The two major features of the yacht asserted by this closed loop infinity symbol are achieved by carving out stern and mid section elliptical deck constructs.

A central structural “spine” holds the loop together allowing the yacht’s superstructure to seamlessly flow within itself. The added benefit of “infinity” is the realignment of traditional functional areas.

Within this realignment, the main deck living room, and dining room are detached. The dining room moves forward and is separated from the living room by a massive pool deck.

This new deck location allows for the first time, direct access to dining room and kitchen for expanded activities, in combination with the living room/salon.

There are three methods to traverse the pool deck. First is a direct outside bridge / walkway which bisects the pool itself. This walkway has underwater openings in its support system, allowing swimmers to dive from one side to another. The pool has the option of being covered for larger venue needs.

The second method of crossing the pool deck is an overhead sky bridge which connects to the main stairs and elevator. The “sky” bridge is clear glass floor and ceiling allowing natural light to penetrate the pool below.

The third method is through a lower level lounge which features glass portals into the pool.
The main level contains the two aforementioned decks, living room, dining room, kitchen, storage, and bow deck (with helicopter pad).

The interior design of the space, and others, reflects an intense minimalist palette with a dash of attitude.

The main salon also features generous 12 foot ceiling height and fully glazed walls creating an island within the yacht.

The second level up is reserved for a series of guest suites and secondary bow deck. The owner’s suite occupies the third level with “sky bridge,” pilot house, and upper deck.

All decks below are currently designated crew quarters, storage and mechanical, engine room activities.

Infinitas is designed to accommodate 16 guests and crew.

Designer:E. Kevin Schopfer with Sparkman Stephens, Naval Architects


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Overview: The basis of the robot assistants is Platonic philosophy, which influenced the shaping of robots. Thus, robots are representing five Platonic solids and defined by function in accordance with the philosophy. Ideal geometry shapes emphasize the plasticity of the human body.

Octahedron Octa is an alternative for crib toys. Flying over your child, not just entertains but also looking after him.
There is a camera located on the bottom vertex of Octa. It follows the child so you can get real-time picture using mobile app on your phone.
The projector is in the upper vertex of the octahedron due to project the image onto the ceiling, for example, the starry sky or clouds.
In addition Octa can sing a lullaby or tell a story through the built-in speakers.
Octa is attached to the four corners of the room by thin ropes, which allows it to float and move around the room at any distance and motion sensors will not allow your child to grab it.

Hexahedron Cuon is a guard robot. Your kid will never get lost, have fun plaing with Cuon.
There is a wristband on your child that helps Cuon to locate him, move after the child and film. This will allow you to see at any time what he was doing or just to talk to him through the robot’s speaker. Cuon can be easily seen from aside by the antenna beacons. Also if the robot falls catching up with your child gyroscope disposed in the housing will help Cuon to get back on its wheels.
Dodecahedron Docon is a robot-toy.
Each face of the dodecahedron is divided into segments, which can independently shift and rolling the Docon. As these segments coated with different materials tactilely and visually distinguished from each other (wood, plastic, metal, etc.). Thus, playing the Docon, the child will develop his tactile perception.
Child can play hide and seek or catching-up with it and Docon will respond to voice with different sounds and light. A great option if you don’t have a pet.

Icosahedron Ico – transforming cradle-bath.
The assembled Ico represents the icosahedron. Removing the cover, you can be convert icosahedron into a bath Bico or cradle Cico.
The cover contains a handy bag for hygiene items. Cover itself can be decomposed into a changing table with a soft coating.
Icosahedron-bath is equipped with a mesh that supports the child while bathing and the device storing a secure and stable water temperature.
Icosahedron-cradle. Soft pillow filled with hollowfiber installed in the lower segment of the icosahedron will transform Ico into comfortable cradle for your baby. And for better sleep gently rocking cradle and lulls the child.

Tetrahedron Tetra – kitchen device for sterilization.
The upper section is lifted depending on the height of bottles. Sections are comfortable to hold thanks to the rubberized guide on the surface of the pyramid. Tetra sterilize pacifiers, bottles and caps by ultraviolet light. Your child will always have clean utensils.

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Designer: Mary Pilyugina