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Kernel Modular Shelving

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Designer: Deshpande & Coffin Design

Categories: Furniture Interior

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Kernel’s one-piece design can be dropped in place with one hand when unloaded, and moved tray-like with two hands so you don’t Continue reading →


Impila – Floor Lamp

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Overview: Enhance your minimal living space with the Impila floor lamp available at Formabilio. With its built-in shelves, it eliminates the need for a bulky side table, keeping the aesthetic open and clean. Better yet, they’re height-adjustable to keep your objects within a comfortable arms reach.

Designer: Yu Ito

Wall Ride

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Overview: The latest in a trend of specialized hanging systems, the Wall Ride is a practical and versatile rack that’s perfect for putting your skateboard on display (and out of the way)! A handy slot keeps your board safely elevated to avoid dings and scratches on both the deck and your home walls, and even doubles as a bottle opener. Three hooks and two additional shelves allow you to conveniently hang almost anything else, including gear like helmets, gloves and knee pads.

Designer: Zanocchi & Starke