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MOD – Modular Drone

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Overview: Until now, few flying drones have explored merging functionalities, leaving users with only options specific to a singular need. For economic and functional sensibility, The MOD Drone utilizes a modular system of 3 interchangeable units, each with a distinct purpose. One has RGB cameras with infrared sensors to monitor agriculture (ground hydration/conditions), another with a NanoSAR sensor to precisely calculate distances for cartography or natural disaster impact, and the last with gimbal-stabilized cameras to inspect structures and construction.

Designer: Manuel Alberto Duarte Soares

GAIA – Smartwatch

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Overview: A large part of smartwatch appeal is the ability to maximize awareness to personal fitness. The GAIA smartwatch expands on this health-conscious functionality by monitoring what’s going on inside the body as well as what’s going on outside the body! Environmental sensors provide real-time data in regards to air pollution & other forms of basic contamination. This is gives valuable insight to wearer’s personal surroundings and an overall greater awareness to the larger population by providing real-time location data to a global network of wearers that anyone can see!

Designer: Cristian Tomas Moyano