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Üllo – The Wine Purifier

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Designer: MNML

Category: Product Design 

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Üllo is a revolutionary new wine purification product that removes sulfites, restoring wine to its natural, preservative-free state. Continue reading →



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Designer: Melissa Lattke

Categories: Home Green Interior Health Product DesignTechnology

Year: 2041-2050

Overview: Erb is a purifying system used in the floor of the houses acting like a “piece of garden” inside the house. Continue reading →

Food Purifier

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Overview: Food Purifier is a simple, small, wireless product, placed inside the refrigerators or food containers. Used for purification food form harmful substances like metals, hormones, antibiotics or rests of fertilizers. Unfortunately, those factors can be found even in organic food. They causes many illnesses, also cancer, and many earlier deaths. Food purifier purifies food by indicates and then keeps harmful substances inside a interchangeable core. Core is built with two layers. Outside part is made with aseptic net, which helps kill bacteria and fungi and thanks to carries system like in cells’ membrane channels. Inside layer keeps and neutralizes harmful factors. When core is full, light turns red. Changing core is an easy and safe activity. After pulled core out, just put it to the water to neutralize substances from the inside. Using this small appliance is simple-just place it in suitable place, press the small space in the middle and see how it glow when its turned on!

Wanna know more? Visit Food Purifier | BARSKA

Designer: BARSKA


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 Overview: LIO is a natural and symbiotic experience which cleans air by using purifying living microorganisms in it’s filter. The living microorganisms consume carbon molecules and thus purify the air in home environments. The concept provides fresh clean air into the interior space, as well as eliminates unpleasant odors and gives information about the air we breathe in it’s stylish glass surface. The living air wall allows the consumer to intuitively control the inside air conditions in different rooms according to different needs.

Designer: Alessya Ivanova

Read more at: LIO (Electrolux Design Lab)

Air Pocket

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Overview: One of the main causes of death during a fire-related emergency is not burns but asphyxiations from gas. The Air Pocket is a device that purifies the air by processing the poisonous air and converting it to safe-to-breathe air. The rescue team simply needs to throw in a bunch of the Air Pocket balls and let them do their job!

Designers: Seam Lee and Young Jo In