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FurniQi – Wireless Charging Table

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Designer: Fonesalesman

Categories: Interior Furniture Technology

Year: Present-2020

Overview: While technology is getting more and more important to our everyday lives, it also brings a mass of cables and plugs with every single gadget you buy Continue reading →



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Designer: Hypnocube

Category: Lighting

Year: Present-2020

Overview: The HypnoLight is a 12’ strand of 50 LED lights, which you just plug in and it plays artistic lighting sequences automatically. Continue reading →

Macbook Mate

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Overview: Macbook Mate: Macbook’s missing pieces. A portable & weightless stand + Invisible aluminum dust plugs for USB, HDMI & Thunderbolt ports

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Designer: Baseqi Designs

Ryo Adapter

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Overview: Ryo is proof that big things come in small packages! This tiny adapter takes the hassle out of fumbling to plug your USB in correctly. It fits any standard USB cable and provides instant relief from playing that ridiculous guessing game again! According to the designers, the average persons wastes 30 MINUTES a year trying to get it right. So take back control of your life and get a Ryo!

Designer: ryo tech