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Tre- Angle

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Designer: Sriviji Nachimuthu & Priyanka Golasangimath

Category: Furniture Seating

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Tre-angle is a furniture that can create a new domestic landscape. A furniture that could serve many functions, colorful, playful and Continue reading →


Albert Digital Clock

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Designer: Axel Schindlbeck & Fred Mauclere

Category: Games

Year: Present-2020


Overview: The Albert Clock is a digital wall clock that keeps your brain active and helps to improve the mathematical skills of you and your kids in a playful way. Simply by reading the time. Continue reading Albert Digital Clock

Mool Bit – Portable Lamp

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Overview: Mool Bit is the playful go-anywhere glow pod for your home! The lightweight teardrop design features a tactile top that makes it easy to carry from from place to place with merely a pinch. Power up without a connecting cable by placing it on the wireless charging plate before toting it to an area that needs a little more illumination.

Designer: Yeontaek Lee

Swing Bar

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Overview: Swing Bar, the latest addition to Duffy London’s Swing Table range, is a massive installation of built-in individual swinging chairs surrounding a tiered bar top. Not only for looks, the playful design enhances the communal feel and encourages interaction between patrons. Just be careful not to get woozy while you get boozy. Check out the Duffy London site for all new photos of the full line!

Designer: Duffy London