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Osgène – Oxygen Appliance

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Overview: It’s no secret that the air we breathe indoors is lacking in quality. The latest in a trend of solutions for this problem, Osgène takes inspiration from the most well known form of oxygen generators: plant life! The aerobic appliance not only mimics the aesthetic form of a plant pre-bloom but the process as well. Utilizing carbon-doxide scrubbers and artificial photosynthesis, it inhales CO2 in the air we breathe and returns purified oxygen to create a more balanced, healthy interior air environment.

Designer: Mridula Dasari


Portable Solar Charger

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Overview: Inspired by the process of photosynthesis and the ability of leaves to make food for the plant, designer duo Hyosang Pak and Dongseong Jeong have designed this sweet Leaf-shaped Solar Charger for mobile phones. The solar cells are placed on one surface of the leaf and this side sticks to the window glass to soak in the sun. Once charges, simply pull the ‘leaf’ and latch it onto the back of your dying phone and juice it up.

Designers: Hyosang Pak and Dongseong Jeong