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Wall Ride

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Overview: The latest in a trend of specialized hanging systems, the Wall Ride is a practical and versatile rack that’s perfect for putting your skateboard on display (and out of the way)! A handy slot keeps your board safely elevated to avoid dings and scratches on both the deck and your home walls, and even doubles as a bottle opener. Three hooks and two additional shelves allow you to conveniently hang almost anything else, including gear like helmets, gloves and knee pads.

Designer: Zanocchi & Starke


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Overview:  There’s nothing worse than an awkwardly quiet dinner! On that note, there’s nothing that will kill the aesthetic vibe of a room quicker than ugly electronics. As you might have guessed from the name, the Soundlight is the answer to these woes! It provides both ambient light and music by using a slim 360 degree speaker built directly in to the shell of the minimal pendant. Seamless and effective, it’s the perfect way to subtly set the mood for dinner!

Designer: Cheng Tai

Modern Lodge

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Overview: One look at the interior of this mountain lodge and you’d never know that it’s a mere 538 square feet. Using material continuations, like the raw barn-wood floor that extends upwards to the wall at random sections, the space appears larger while maintaining that warm,cozy lodge vibe. Extra tall ceilings and lots of carefully placed windows add to this openness while providing perfect views of the contrasting wild terrain.

Designer: Igor Sirotov