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YoYo Mats – Self-Rolling Yoga Mat

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Designer: YoYo Mats

Categories: Fitness Product Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Custom-designed anti-slip surface pattern helps your grip even when the mat is wet. Custom-designed round corners. Continue reading →



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Designer: o4i

Categories: Lighting | Product Design

Year: Present – 2020

Overview: StretchLite is a pendant lamp based on the idea of fashion; The changeable stretchfabric-reflector of the lamp is intended to be varied as “clothing”.

The inside of the fabric is white, reflective stretch fabric for best functional appearence while the outside can be varied in color and pattern to match the environment.

The transparent cylinder with top that holds the fabric is made of blow molded PET.

NINA B ROZE | Luxurious – Feminine – Activewear

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Overview: The technical pattern is designed to lift the booty by eliminating side seams and having a circular shape around the body. In a capri or full-length cut, the legging’s backside exterior seams curves from the inner thigh, up and around the booty, forming a perfect heart shape.

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Designer: Nina Berenboym

Pattern Door Lock

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Overview: Has it ever crossed your mind that someone can easily steal your electronic door passcode? Shit happens! More often than not, gullible people end up as victims and the wicked score another win. The Pattern Door Lock is designed in a way that the code combination is not easily visible. With Braille integrated, the locking system adds a layer of security and functionality to the whole setup. Check it out.

Designer: Kwon Hyuk-sang

Ledwork- Interactive Lightforms

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Overview: “ledwork” is a series of highly tangible, autonomous lights that respond to touch and movement. Connected together with magnets, they form a swarm of light in which new patterns emerge as the lights talk to each other and work in an ever-changing colorful harmony. This invites the user to observe, explore and construct new physical configurations while deepening the connection between object and user.

Designers: Teun Verkerk, Thomas Van Oekelen, Cees-Willem Hofstede, Tom Goijer