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Custom Bike Concept

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Overview: If you are planning on being an urban crime fighter but still can’t justify the gas guzzling tendencies of most superhero vehicles, well your ride has (conceptually) arrived. Designer Jean Baptiste Robilliard has rendered up this “CUSTOM BIKE CONCEPT” that would make Bruce Wayne’s attorneys take notice. Jean Baptiste describes it as a “two wheel muscle car”, hiding it’s electrical drivetrain and batteries in the frame. Featuring a FORMULA 1 inspired KINETIC ENERGY RECOVERY SYSTEM (KERS), that essentially coverts your braking into energy.

Originally conceived as a single global design, this customizable creation could be the shape of things to come.

Designer: Jean Baptiste Robilliard

Office Building of Gas Company

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Overview: This original concept by Naser and Taher Nasiri was designed as an office space for a gas company. However abstract, the concrete and glass and steel facade immediately reflects the iconic piped aesthetic associated with refineries. As a tribute to the company’s greener endeavors and eco-awreness, you’ll also find exterior foral-like structures inspired by nature.

Designers: Naser & Taher Nasiri

Hanko Large Suspension Light

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Overview: The big brother of the original smaller version, the Hanko Large Suspension Light is composed of 80 individually cut plywood pieces held together by an acrylic frame and 3 steel cables. The vertebrae-like structure’s circular illumination is made possible with a flexible, silicon coated, white LED tube light. Mostly diffused by the plates, the light source is visible at different points depending on the user’s perspective.

Designer: Ian Cameron