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DAVIIDA – Round Beach Towels

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Designer: Myla Swallow

Categories: Accessories & FashionOutdoor

Year: Present-2020

Overview: DAVIIDA towels are 100% cotton, with completely non-toxic dyes. They weigh a little under a kilo and come with a gorgeous fringe and innovative designs that will make you the envy of all beach goers. Continue reading →


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Overview: Oasis organic design derives from the fantastic shapes created in the sand on a windy day. It is as much an inspiring sculpture as an inviting functional seat. Being a multi-sided seat, seating up to 8-10 people, it becomes a natural centerpiece and meeting-point for both interaction and contemplation. Oasis can be used indoor and outdoor, either solo or in numbers to create intresting compositions for meeting-points and waiting areas.

Being made out of vacuum formed ABS plastic cap sheet over recycled utility base the bench is 100% recyclable, UV/weather proof, fire retardant and very tough against damage and heavy usage.

Designer: o4i

SLO_Gen Table made with HI-MACS

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Overview: The SLO_Gen Table is a remarkable piece of innovation in the field of furniture design. The organic design is made using HI-MACS and has become the focal point of Gensler’s Los Angeles office lobby! It was designed using the brief – create a piece that can accommodate standing and sitting space for guests and storage for the firm’s design publications. Solid Surface HI-MACS is the table’s predominant surface material and looks divine with the use of wood. It sports an awesome curvature.

Client: Gensler Los Angeles – Robert Jernigan, Shawn Gehle

Design Team: Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo Department of Architecture, College of Architecture and Environmental Design

Faculty: Jim Doerfler, Mark Cabrinha
Students: Ben Hait-Campbell, Cory Walker, KeganCharles Flanderka

Gensler Los Angeles

Project Advisors: Sabu Song, Shawn Gehle, Richard Hammond, Valentin Lieu

Engineering: Buro Happold

Engineering Team: Garrett Jones, Gary Lau, Greg Otto, LizMahlow

Fabrication: R.D. Wing Co., Inc.
Fabrication Team: Brandon Wing, Dan Foreman, Vath Sida, Wayne Bart

Materials: LG Hausys – HI-MACS® Solid Surfacing

Photo credits: ©Gensler Los Angeles