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Flip Headphones

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Overview: The Flip is a hybrid speakers and headphones concept, something that is getting very popular these days. With two modes to use them, the flick of a switch allows you to stream music straight into your ears or share it with friends. Both modes work with your devices using a headphone jack or USB, depending upon how you want to go about it. Awesome!

Designer: Oliver Sha

New Century City Art Centre in Chengdu

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Overview: The New Century City Art Centre is slated to become the new cultural destination for the Sichuan Provence. The Centre is foretold to become an unprecedented collection of world-class arts, performances and leisure venues. The NCCAC is also said to become the regional arts and music center. It will house three auditoria, an art museum, an exhibition centre, a learning centre, bars, restaurants and shops.

Designers: Zaha Hadid Architects


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Overview:  There’s nothing worse than an awkwardly quiet dinner! On that note, there’s nothing that will kill the aesthetic vibe of a room quicker than ugly electronics. As you might have guessed from the name, the Soundlight is the answer to these woes! It provides both ambient light and music by using a slim 360 degree speaker built directly in to the shell of the minimal pendant. Seamless and effective, it’s the perfect way to subtly set the mood for dinner!

Designer: Cheng Tai