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Overview: Considering that they’re the world’s fastest land mammal (and just plain cool), it’s surprising there aren’t more transportation designs inspired by the cheetah. Designer Balázs Filczer’s 2-seater V12 Cheetah-R concept is designed around the animal’s anatomical features which are completely built for speed: muscles, prominent spine, and robust stance. Like the fast cat- it’s lean, and mean, and looks like it’s in a constant state of muscle flexing!

Designer: Balázs Filczer


Viper Fitness Roller

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Overview: Don’t be easily deceived by the Viper’s rugged exterior. The roller is made from high-grade German foam, and it houses a precise vibrator that you can set to 3 different frequencies. The roller can be then used during your exercise routine to work on your muscles, posture, and flexibility. The Viper is touted by some eminent athletes as the possibly the most effective fitness roller out there. Expect to give your pet cat a run for its money when it comes to being lean and flexible!

Designer: HyperIce

Rolling Patch – Pain Relief Patch

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Overview: I’ve just been through a painful patch of wound dressing and using awkward bandages, which is why I know that an improvement in design is needed. Although meant to be used as a Pain Relief Patch (for muscle pains), The Rolling Patch concept can be extended for all kind of bandages and First Aid dressing concepts. You can alter the length of the patch and trim to the requisite length, avoiding wastage and promoting easy application. Super!

Designers: Eun-ji Jeong & Na-young Kim