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City Beach Residence

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Overview: It’s a two-level structures that merges the interior spaces and the surrounding landscape forming one amazing retreat. The most spectacular is the upper floor which is almost completely opened to the views.

The living space occupies one end of an L-shaped open floor plan. As you go up the stairs to reach this level, you’ll find it on the left side while directly in front is a series of floor-to-ceiling glass walls and sliding doors and a modern fireplace positioned in such a way that it can be enjoyed from both sides of the glass structure.

The way the indoor and outdoors spaces blend is really majestic. An undulated roof protects the exterior spaces from rain and too much sunlight, offering a pleasant and intimate mood.

Designer: Cambuild & Banham Architects


Echo – Smart Watch

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Overview: Unlike many other smart-watch concepts, the Echo doesn’t stray from the familiar watch form. Instead, it merges the most essential smartphone apps into a simplistic touch-screen circular face. Access your email, calendar, map, fitness and music apps all from the convenience of your wrist!

Designer: Brian Khouw

Textscape – 3D Printed Text

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Overview: Textscapes merges font design with 3D printing to generate letter-sized 3D documents to visually (and tangibly) profile the subject matter of the texts, such as cities, landscapes or figures. These documents make the reading process an interactive, artistic experience not only for the general audience but blind individual as well. This series has variations of braille, different language characters, calligraphies, and number systems to bridge the text and is visuality in architecture, landscape, portraits and abstract matters. Check out Central Park in the text about NYC!

Other participating artists are Tyler Francisco, Rhealyn Dalere and Chin Fang Chen from the School of Architecture at the University of Hawaii-Manoa.

Designer: Hongtao Zhou