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Modern Vineyard House

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Overview: The 20-acre plot occupied by the Retrospect Vineyards is located in Windsor, California and it produces pinot noir grapes for the nearby wineries.The building was intended to serve as a vacation home so it had to be easy to live with. The architects applied all the major concepts that define their practice. They paid attention to the way that the building relates to the land and the surroundings, they designed it with open plans both vertically and horizontally and they made sure there’s a smooth continuation between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

Designer: Swatt Miers Architects


Phree – Make the world your paper

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Overview: We live in a world of screens. But writing or drawing on them isn’t always spontaneous and doesn’t always feel natural, especially if they’re put away somewhere. Screens are useful, sure. We love our screens, too. But sometimes, they’re just too limiting.

Phree lets you write, draw, annotate, and express yourself in countless other ways. On virtually any surface. Back them here Phree Kickstarter.

Designer: OTM Technologies Ltd.

Verdant – The Eco Refrigerator

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Overview: When buying a fridge, most folks look for one with increased storage space and at the same time it should be efficient enough to reduce energy costs. Verdant – The Eco Refrigerator is concept that dwells on this and more. It proposes a new experience and reduced expenses related to food consumption and food wastages. It helps create a healthier eco system by integrating a live greenhouse section within the body of the fridge. Cool innovation!

Designers: Yolegmma Márquez, Erin Glaberson and Emily Kvale