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Tinker Tie – Programmable RGB LED Bow

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Designer: Atom Computer

Categories: Accessories & FashionGadgets Product Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: The Tinker Tie works by controlling the amount of Red, Green and Blue (RGB) light emitted from each of the 28 LEDs mounted to its surface. Continue reading →


CydeKick Pro

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Designer: Spinetics

Categories: Technology Transportation Outdoor

Year: Present-2020 

Overview:The CydeKick Pro is a self-powered, add-on bicycle generator that converts a cyclist’s motion into electrical energy for charging your phone and powering your lights. Continue reading →


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Designer: Hypnocube

Category: Lighting

Year: Present-2020

Overview: The HypnoLight is a 12’ strand of 50 LED lights, which you just plug in and it plays artistic lighting sequences automatically. Continue reading →

Hydro Bike

Overview: Despite having pedals, the Hydro Bike isn’t really a bicycle at all. This fuel cell-powered transportation features these faux pedals because in a lot of countries it would legally still be considered a bicycle, avoiding the need for a motorcyclists license, road tax, etc.. Thanks to its compact hydrogen power tech, the unibody design is a bit slimmer and stealthier than other powered bikes without sacrificing power for not only its motor but other various components including sleek integrated lights.

Designer: Imran Othman