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Suli Lamp

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Overview: The Suli lamp looks like it was crafted by nature. Nature has a tendency to leave us floored, and this lamp does that effortlessly.

The lampshade is made out of wooden veneer sheets that rotate on a common axis, allowing you to open or close the lampshade, depending on how much light you want.

Available in a tabletop and a wall-mounted variety, the Suli lamp is simple, ingenious, and absolutely mesmeric!

Designer: Kacper Holenderski


Impila – Floor Lamp

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Overview: Enhance your minimal living space with the Impila floor lamp available at Formabilio. With its built-in shelves, it eliminates the need for a bulky side table, keeping the aesthetic open and clean. Better yet, they’re height-adjustable to keep your objects within a comfortable arms reach.

Designer: Yu Ito