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PV14 House

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Designer: M Gooden Design

Categories: ArchitectureHomeInterior

Year: Present-2020

Overview: The house is approximately 100′ above the surface of the White Rock Lake and was completed in 2014. It was elevated in order to separate the living spaces from the street and all the traffic and noise. Another reason was to expose the house to the beautiful views. Continue reading →


PRESA Lake House

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Overview: The PRESA house is located on the southwest part of the city, near to the lake “Jocoque”, a natural zone that extends until the city’s border with the neighbor state. The house opens towards the south, enjoying the amazing views of the lake and mountains. The house tends to merge with the environment by the use of simple forms, rustic materials such as wood, and stone.

Designer: AVP_arhitekti, AMBIENTA architects

Crater lake

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Overview: A winner at the 2011 Shitsurai Art International Competition, Crater Lake is an environmental installation that serves as a meeting place to visit with friends, contemplate the surroundings, or simply sit for a moment. The design was inspired by the social revitalization of the city of Kobe, Japan after the Great Hanshin-Awaji earthquake of 1995.

Multiple ideas and materials were tested to realize the complexity of the smooth and undulating form.  Wood was chosen for its strong structural capacity, easiness to work with, and natural qualities. One of the main issues was the expression of the continuous and smooth surface without using costly techniques of wood steaming, bending or digital fabrication. The solution was to divide the circular surface into a number of radial parts, with the optimal number of 20 parts. Factors that determined this optimal number were, overall surface expression, production schedule, and transportation method (vehicle bedsize). These 20 radial parts were preassembled off-site and transported by a vehicle to the main site of Shiosai Park.

Standard wood and off-the-shelf hardware were used in construction to avoid any costly customized fabrication process. 2×4 studs were used for all structural members and 30×60 mm treated cedar wood was used for the surface. The structure of radial parts consists of a series of free-form ribs composed in segments with horizontal support and cross bracing for rigidity. Each radial segment has 64 surface planks that are attached to three structural ribs that are rigidly connected between each other with horizontal supports. The surfaces with the most anticipated traffic flow have narrow spacing between each plank. As the mount becomes higher, the spacing distance of surface planks increases, allowing users to climb the mount. The rising mount resulted from understanding the site and seasonal conditions, functioning as a sun shading and wind protection from the bay winds when sitting in the inner area.

Designer: 24° Studio

Shanghai Fish

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Overview: Situated in the middle of a lake in south-east Shanghai, the SH Fish building serves as the focal point among 5 other proposed structures. The circular shape of the the floor plans was determined in relationship with the waterfront, giving it a 270° lake view inside. Thanks to its unique location at the tip of the peninsula, the design is reminiscent of a lighthouse. In much the same way, it serves as a beacon for anyone visiting this cultural hub.

A wooden podium rises from the ground to form a 5 meter-high viewing point. This way, the promenade and the landscape are combined to integrate nature and architecture. The building’s unique facade treatment creates a cloud-like texture. The vertical fins have variations in orientation, responding to the interior space functions requiring various natural light solutions. At night, LED lights integrated in the vertical fins create a surreal reflection of a colorful cloud on the lake’s surface.

Designer: UA Studio7