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Designer: Livid Instruments

Categories: Music Gadgets Technology

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Minim is the world’s first wireless, pocket-sized instrument designed for mobile music making. Use Minim with your favorite music creation apps with tactile control that Continue reading →


Vintage Driver Chrono

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Designer: Straton Watch Co.

Category: Watches

Year: Present-2020

Overview: The watch itself is a resemblance of the Veglia Borletti tachometer (Rev counter) of the Alfetta GT seen by the two-digit minute/second markers Continue reading →


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Designer: Cyrille Vayson de Pradenne & Sophie Gazeau

Categories:  Recreation | Product Design | Music

Year: 2021-2030

Overview: The lowering of the mechanics allows the aligning of the pianos cover and keyboard. For the first time in the history of the piano, the audience can see the artist play from any viewing angle. This shows off the pianist’s hands and creates a higher level of interaction with the audience. Moreover, the pianist hears the sound of their instrument with a level of quality never previously attained. The lowered action no longer inhibits the sound projection, which consequently becomes immediate.

Even though the piano retains its black lacquer finish, one of the classic cues of the piano world, Peugeot Design Lab has completely revisited the instrument by endeavoring to change all of the traditional conventions, as regards volume, ergonomics and construction. The piano possesses all quality and sophistication of surface from the world of the automobile. In this way, its soft and structured silhouette takes the look of the streamlined hull of a competition sailing boat, with sculptured surfaces and aerodynamic look.