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Apple lightMac iMac

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Overview: The next version of the Apple iMac is a versatile screen that transforms from the size of an iMac to the MacBook to the iPad. Essentially, a device that moves from different forms to look and feel as sexy and innovative as an Apple product should be whilst being functional. Take a look at the detailed images that elucidate this concept … supersexy!

Designer: Cristian Tomas Moyano

ReSkin Device

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Overview: The ReSkin Device is an innovative medical tool that can help burn victims make recovery faster with the help of skin grafts. Essentially, stem cells are harvested and then made to grow as skin in a special incubator. This special formula is then sprayed onto the victim requiring the graft. The time taken for the initial process is under two hours, which is significantly faster than the current methods. What is interesting is that the entire healing process takes about a week and is relatively painless. Super!

Designer: Martin Duhayon

Insulin Delivery System

Overview: Devina Kothari’s innovative solution for insulin delivery easily integrates into the user’s lifestyle with fashion-inspired wearable tech they can set and forget! It uses a closed-loop delivery method that detects blood glucose levels before slowly dispersing the appropriate insulin dosage. Not only automated, the process is also made pain-free by use of a micro-needle array where the diameter is smaller than that of a mosquito’s probe!

Additionally, integrated bio-sensors detect any unusual fluctuation in the patient’s glucose levels, pulse rate and other metrics and will automatically notify the appropriate party in the event of an emergency.

Designer: Devina Kothari