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Always With Three – Pop Up Smartphone

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Overview: The Always With Three is a very innovative approach to making smartphones easier to use. Most of them are now offering a decent size screen, however the multiple tasks and features that are packed make them a tad overwhelming to use. The idea here is to have three dynamic pop-up screens that expand when used in the pop-up mode. One screen is dedicated for use as a keyboard (and joystick) while the other two navigate between media player and display. Basically an expandable device, but with innovative variations!

Designer: Jeonghwan Bae


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Overview: A winner of the 2015 International Red Dot Product Design Award, the LEAOS brand of electric bikes stands out for quality, innovativeness, and excellent design that aims to change urban mobility in a sustainable way. There are 3 models available: Pure, White, and Solar- the first ever completely self-sufficient Series E-Bike with fully integrated solar panels for charging even when you’re riding. Hit the jump for a full list of specs —>

Designer: LEAOS


  • Version: 25 km/h or 45 km/h
  • Framesize: One size, unisex, 2 different handlebar/stem combinations to fit up to 180 cm and from 180 cm
  • Frame: Carbon monocoque with carbon fork and carbon handlebar
  • Drive: MPF central motor, 250/350 watt, 36 volt, torque 50 Nm, 3 independent sensors record crank torque, crank speed and bicycle speed, 10 levels of power support
  • Control: Digital Display
  • Transmission: NuVinci automatic gear hub with advanced controller
  • Suspension: On Balloon tyres
  • Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Lights: Integrated led lights by Supernova
  • Grips: Brooks leather grips
  • Saddle: Selle San Marco leather saddle
  • Total weight: from 22kg

LUME – Modular Resizable Kettle

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Overview: Lume is an innovative resizable kettle that can boil water much faster than any other appliance. The unique modular design allows you to resize it and repair it easily when it falters. The intuitive design features three times as many heating elements and is customizable. Love the design, now watch the video.

Designer: Daniel Allcock

Air Jumper – Air Purifier

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Overview: Can’t experience the cool and crisp Hawaiian air or the fragrance of the Amazon Jungle at home? With the Air Jumper you can literally globe trot and bring in the fresh air from any part of the world into your home. The concept revolves around this globe-esque device that floats and dispenses fresh air quality depending upon the place you’d like to experience. It’s quirky and innovative in design, definitely something I’d like to bring home!

Designer: Yeontaek Lee

Samsung BEND – Flexible Tablet

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Overview: The Samsung BEND is a tablet concept that integrates various existing experimental screen technologies like flexible touchscreens and more. “The BEND can be bent into a kickstand and you can also fold the lower part inside out and use it as a transparent touchscreen keyboard.” On the tech side, the concept includes a revamped UI and upgraded Android experience. Sounds awesome and innovative enough!

Designer: Robrecht Vanhauwere