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Beams Chair

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Designer: EAJY DESGIN GmbH

Categories: InteriorSeatingProduct Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Beams Chair is inspired by Golden Gate Bridge, which was built with several I-beam in San Francisco. Continue reading →


Tacoma Art Museum Haub Galleries

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Designer: Tom Kundig

Category: Architecture

Year: Present-2020

Overview: Situated in Tacoma’s historic Union Depot—Warehouse neighborhood, the design takes its inspiration from the neighborhood’s elemental Continue reading →


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Designer: Carl Kawasaki

Categories: AppliancesKitchenProduct DesignTechnology

Year: 2041 – 2050

Overview: Cosmos has the intuit of breaking the humanity paradigm in industrialization, product logistics, spatial organization, reduction of household chores, and the consumption of natural resources with acquisition and maintenance of new household appliances.
Combining the technology of 3D printing in spatial organization of particles with current studies of teleportation in transference of information from one kind of material to another, Cosmos makes it possible the materialization of appliances with the most diverse physical properties, such as: hardness, blandness, transparency, among others, with the utilization of a standard material (“toner”). In doing so, it supplies the users with the most diverse kitchen appliances to meet and satisfy their needs.
Cosmos makes it possible the materialization of appliances as per the consumer’s needs. The user can have a certain product for momentary or future necessity and, later, return the product to the household appliance that will in turn disintegrate the object, which will then go back to being material. This will make it possible to materialize other appliances in a future necessity.
By dematerializing the appliances that have been dispensed, Cosmos makes a material separation in two compartments; one with the material that can be reconfigured in order to generate new products and another with the organic residues that cannot be used in future materializations.

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